Friday, 12 November 2010

THE GNOB - Tyrannosaurus Rex no longer king of the jungle?????

By Dr. Rick Chatham.

12.11.10 - Devon, Devonshire

Last week, a strange gnarled shaft was discovered in the great British countryside. At this point, baffled experts have been unable to determine if it is organic in nature, or simply a badly shaped rock. But consensus agrees that if it is organic, it is very likely a petrified pre-historic penis. A perfectly preserved crown jewel of the age of the dinosaurs.

The object, which is codenamed, the Gnob, is larger than any recorded penis known to man, standing at two feet tall, apparently flaccid.

If the Gnob truly did once belong to a living creature, it would be the largest creature known to man, at least ten times the size of Downing Street.

At this time, Richard Dawkins has not yet commented on the Gnob.

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