Monday, 8 November 2010


By Django This.
08.11.10 - London, Greater London

Today the Daily Lyes received an onymous phone call supplying proof of identification by mouth that the caller was in fact the assistant director for BBC's Merlin, and he subtly hinted by means of explicit statement, that if the television industry economy keeps going the way it is, then Merlin is going to stop being awful.

Merlin started being awful in 2008. So many people tuned in to be disappointed when their rich cultural and historical history was rambled out before them in the fashion of Twilight fan-fiction, that the BBC were more than proud to commision a second and third series.

Our sources say that Merlin is going to start being good with new actors set to take over the cast. Actors who have cheek bones, such as Sean Connery and other fine talents.

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Our sources are excited for this new dignity. "It's going to be static television . It's going to reach the closest television sets first, like lightning." Said one television executive.

Tirading its way through Arthurian mythology, throwing away vital and timeless ideas with no exchange for good or new storytelling, and bringing the whole family to the television with nothing to scare children or intrigue adults, Merlin is the bastard child of Doctor Who and actual Arthurian Legend. One which it pretends to be similar to, the other which it isn't similar to.

The Merlin Series finale is set to broadcast this saturday.

This week, Django watched Day of the Dead. "Let's face it, Bob
the zombie was clearly the main character."

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