Monday, 14 February 2011


By Django This.
14.02.11 - London, Greater London

The Daily Lyes has received several anonymous tips from esteemed readers, that gamers do in fact believe that games are art.

We are told that gamers are starting a riot, via facebook, where they are signing petitions to censor the Daily Lyes. But The Daily Lyes shall not be censored. I was sent, into Facebook, to find some of the gamers responsible. But they had turned their privacy settings on. Clearly, they do not want to be seen.

This cult of techno-fetish punks and hackers, not only want to censor The Daily Lyes, but they believe that their argument irrevocably confirms that video games are art, and they won't allow any one to even offer a counter point. It's the Death of the Author, all over again.

I am also told that I am receiving harrassment on Twitter.

The Daily Lyes would like to assure our readers that video games are still not art. And that this writer, can not wait for Atlus to Shrug, so that all the gamers can fall off the planet and single-handedly restore the country's economy.

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