Monday, 25 October 2010


By Django This
25.10.10 - London, Greater London

Are video games art? Some people would say yes. But those people could only say yes from the phone in their basement, where they eat chickens with a spade. Thank god they can't procreate, for the only breasts they see are the breasts of their mothers when it's drinking time. But like rats, gamers don't seem to have a problem with this, and as such, video games are the fastest growing medium and have been rising in sales like an economic plague for the past three decades.

Video games aren't art. Art makes people care. No one cares about the robots Mario jumps on. Because they're cartoons. Cartoons aren't drama. Where are the human characters? Where's the seriousness? Where's the rape?

It's not exactly I, Claudius, is it?

What about this. Is this art?

No. This is gambling. So what have we established so far? That gamers are sinners. One point against video games. But if we are going to analyze an artform, we must analyze the community around it. I signed onto an online see-through-the-eyes-of-the-gun game community and monitered this exchange:

Player1: Ciberdemon!
Player2: Muchos ciberdemos
Player1: Si hay muchos
Player2: Muchos grazias signor

What does this prove???? Only that foreigners are learning a second language that isn't English.

A can of soup can be art. Video games are nothing more than cartoons.

This week, Django saw the new costume change for Doctor Who.
"He's wearing jeans!? Cool. Now I can die p***ed off."

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