Monday, 11 October 2010

Lib Dems Storming Ahead in the Polls - Could This Be The End of LibServative?

By Jillian Winston-Donolley

11.10.10 - London, Greater London

  The latest* poll results came in today, and for Nick Clegg, they are better than he or his party could ever imagine. What they show is a clear-cut 28-point lead for the Liberal Democrats. However, for the incumbent David Cameron the results show only dismal failure - his Conservative party, the current biggest party in the House of Commons, barely scraping fourth place.
A disappointed David Cameron looks on as a smug Nick Clegg takes the centre-stage of British politics
Just edging ahead of the Conservatives are Labour - a possible sign that Ed Milliband has been welcomed by those disillusioned with what they perceive as being the out-of-touch nature of the Conservative party.

The biggest gains, however, were from the Robe$ is buff party, who up until recently, were unheard of, and yet have climbed a staggering 18 points; a stark reminder for the status quo that perhaps modern British politics is destined to change...

* A few months old

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